Raga Engineering

is a division of CARIN spa. Raga was founded after several years of experience as manufactures in the field of vehicles maintenance, with the important aim of transferring, together with machines of proven quality and reliability, the technology associated.
Raga Engineering analizes the problematics involved by studing the customer's needs and the feasibility of every single project under all aspects. This is finalized in a successful combination of resources, supplies and managerial know-how.
The means so archieved, particularly in areas where the needs for acquiring the know-how and engineering capacity is largely felt on a nationwide basis, has proved that Raga Engineering is presently one of the engineering companies capable of implementing at the highest degree all projects related to the mechanical and general maintenance







The organizatio of RAGA begins with the analyzing of the problems submitted and through the study of their relative aspects offering, as final result, the most suitable and complete solution.
  • The feasibility study
  • The lay-out of productive process
  • The construction and supplying of machinery
  • The construction and supplying of installations
  • The technical and professional training
  • The technical and didactive assistanc

A particular importance is given to the formation and to the technical and didactive training of personnel with instructors in loco or by shops-school, particularly adapted for this purpose.



Raga Engineering offers besides a technical "after sales" assistance a continuous technical modernization, advices in development planning and acquisition of new technique.



The formula applied has gained much success in the world. Raga Engineering presence is realized with meetings and debates through which, further to promoting its own image, the company can compare itself with the different problems and demands of various markets.



From the analysis of the customer's needs and from the resources available, Raga Engineering obtains and offers the most rational solution which is realized in a series of interventions such as:
  • the organization of the productive process
  • the optimate use of energetic sources
  • the planning

Raga Engineering company has supplied and installed:
  • International developing programmes in school workshops.
  • Maintenance equipments for public and private transport organizations.
  • Specific installation for territorial municipality, fire-brigade, railways, etc.
  • Integrated maintenance service on national scale.

Thanks to its particular organization, Raga Engineering has avaiable its own range of products which is today one of the most technically advanced in the world. This range of machines tools and equipment permits to satisfy particular needs, either in reliability or in advanced technology.